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Creative Director & Filmmaker

Courtney is a Storyteller, Creator, and Explorer.  Film is her medium.


A California native who spent a decade abroad in Bangkok,TH, working as a freelance filmmaker, her style and taste can be summarized as authentic storytelling with an edge.

Currently, she is a Creative Director at Corduroy Media, an Oakland-based creative agency and video production company.  She directs, develops and pitches original concepts from ideation to delivery.  She is the co-host of Live From Mama Dog Studios and a believer in elevating underground talent and artists. 

A passion that she honored as the creator behind the docu-series: That Artist Life, and the co-creator and Director of the Bangkok Coconuts featured series: Kinnari.   She is also the recipient of Best Film for the 60 Second Film Festival in Bangkok.

Courtney specializes in ideation and concept development, directing, producing, and editing.  She has a deep interest in  uncovering and promoting subcultures, unique artists and has a penchant for non-traditional forms of storytelling.



I was selected and featured in the 'Being' series with Bangkok Coconuts where I was asked to share my experience being a Black woman while living abroad in Thailand.

BEING Black in Asia | Coconuts TV
Coconuts TV

BEING Black in Asia | Coconuts TV

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